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We specialize in architecture project planning and photoshop, autocad design and we provide our clients with a quality service, from the start to the end of any project type design. New homes, buildings, commercial centers, as well as part of our service we have a team of professional designers that will make fit your dream home, or as complex and big as a building construction plan. We assist our customers in a global basis having in mind that every client is special and different in requirements.


* Commercial Building Use.

* Hotel / Motels  50-100 -150 rooms.  100-500 rooms. (&over).

* Commercial Centers, upper scale proyect plannig, contractor and sub-contractors outsource.

* Marinas

* Commercial Land for Development.

* New Homes

* Remodeling contractors.

* Plumbing

* Roofing


We specialize in a variety of hotel and resorts mainly in the US. and Mexico, we offer off/the market properties that are private owned and privately offer to selling. This properties are not listed in the MLS, or conventional listings elsewhere. We represent both the buyers and the sellers, destinations can include but not limited to beach resorts, marinas, city hotels, 100 to 500 rooms or more. We keep all our clients protected prior disclosing any propietory information during a pre-due diligence process wherein is required to sign an NCDA, to protect both parties involve into the purchase transaction.

If you need any further assistance please contact me for your personal property needs. 

San Jose, CA. 


Senior Executive Consultant: Greg E. Lazzaro (708)497-5322 USA

Message: +52-1-444-261-4956  International



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